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Light Shards

Sydney Olympic Park - Yulang Colonnade
17 December 2021- 1 April, 2022

Free. Open every day – all day

This project has been generously supported by the Sydney Olympic Park.

Light Shards is the latest tranSTURM installation made up of four shinning sculptures located at The Yulang dedicated to the many cultures of the growing community at Sydney Olympic Park.

Each shard is bold yet intimate space - inviting you to look inside and see a magic place of colour, light, refraction, and pattern. The Light Shards will change each month to reflect key festivals of Christmas, Lunar New Year and Carnivale as celebrated around the world.

Light Shards are designed by Chris Bowman, Mike Day and Anita Kelly.

They have been made locally by a fabulous team of companies including: KF Plastics, WH Williams and Arrow Metal and Plymaster. The Shards were assembled at the Newington Armory Art Studios where Chris is a resident artist.