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Installation view: Building 20, Newington Armory, Sydney

tranSTURM worked in collaboration with the blackhole-factory (Germany).

Five demonstration works were developed across the workshops:

1) Flight of the SeaSwallow

(blackhole-factory) is an interactive installation. First conceived and produced as multi-modal telematic performance Flight of the SeaSwallow explores migratory restlessness as a driving element in personal histories and identity.

2) Heroic

(tranSTURM) a 15 minute animated film commissioned by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and completed in December 2014. For Waterline, using the internal structures and movable heritage items, Heroic is re-framed as an installation work that explores materiality and immateriality.

3) Scan Table 

(blackhole-factory) Scan Table is a new prototype machine that is a computer controlled turntable that can be programmed to move in response to light or sound and is equipped with two cameras (one a micro camera for extreme close ups) and a video screen. The scan-table is covered in found objects and as the table moves highly subverted images appear on the video screen.

4) Test Mechanisms  

(tranSTURM) two prototype optical refraction mechanisms demonstrating immersive interferences of light of movement.

5) Waterline 

(blackhole-factory) using sensors placed in and around Newington Armory and the Parramatta River the data is relayed and processed in Building 20 to create soundscapes examining issues of appropriation and transformation.